Language Jewelry is the realization of British designer, Geeta Patel.  Her earliest memory of jewelry was having her ears pierced as a child in an antiquated back room of a local Indian goldsmith’s house in London, the old-fashioned way, with a hot needle and black cotton thread.

Now based in the U.S, she has a BA and MA in fashion from London’s Central St. Martins School of Art.  Her past work has appeared in Dazed & Confused, ID magazine, GQ, Time Out, amongst other publications. Language was founded after a hiatus of 15 years during which she took time to raise her two daughters.

Our inspiration comes from a lifelong love of Verner Panton, glam rock, the images of Slim Aarons, cult movies, Mid century modernism, Pierre Cardin, street life and gut instinct.

Language jewelry is run by trans Atlantic sisters Geeta Patel & Harsha Ahyave, an enrollment officer for a college in a rundown corner of inner-city London.

Language jewelry is produced in the USA.

In 2022, we introduced a selection of curated vintage finds:

For as long as we can remember, we loved getting lost in a spectra of vintage items, from clothes to object d’art. To discover an item of beauty, with solid craftsmanship or innovative design- be that a wild west hammered leather belt or mid century glass ashtray, sourced by rummaging through thrift stores and estate sales, gives us a serious high. The thrill of not knowing what may be found gets us stoked. It’s in the flesh, it has a scent, it has a story. With our finds we hope to weld that sense of nostalgia with the present and give these items a new definition. Or, you get to define it as you see it. We love to find and curate pieces that present an anthology of beautiful items that make sense even in the unlikeliest of juxtapositions.